The Main Route Information at Three Oregon Cape

The Main Route Information at Three Oregon Cape

The West Coast is one of the most contrasting, diverse, and wealthiest regions of the United States. California as a separate country that gave the world a Disney studio, an Oscar, the Peterson Museum, the Walk of Fame, Santa Barbara … Traveler Margarita Pshnik shares her itinerary in California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and many other incredible locations.

Start the morning of the first full day in the city of angels with Hollywood. Take a walk past the Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater, and the Kodak Theater (the latter is awarded an Oscar), find the star of your favorite actor on the Walk of Fame. Then head to the Griffith Observatory, which offers a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. In good weather, you can see the famous letters “HOLLYWOOD“.

For a beautiful sunset, take a trip to Venice beach and at the same time appreciate the magnitude of American beaches. Along the way, drive through the famous Beverly Hills area and have a bite to eat at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica (2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA).

If, despite the change of time zones, the forces do not leave you, go to Downtown. You will feel the business life among the skyscrapers, traffic jams, and noise. See the incredible architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. And if you like books or want something atmospheric, check out The Last Book Store.

Experience the joy of the third day in the USA in one of the best parks on the Planet – Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s for the whole day, so come by 9 am. The cost is $ 109 per person.

As a residence, you can consider the suburbs. This saves money, and travel time to major attractions is less than driving from the other end of Los Angeles itself.

Cape FAlconpMarine Reserves

Paying for entry tickets today is not required anywhere
On the second day, be sure to go to the Peterson Museum. You will definitely experience a delight. This is not just a museum of cars – it is a haven of the best that has ever been released for life and found in your favorite films. The present and the same De Lorian from the Back to the Future trilogy, Lightning McQueen, batmobile of different times, the best racing models, the first electric cars of the beginning of the 20th century, and many other models in real size, the existence of which you might not have suspected.

How to get to the three capes
Cape Kiwanda is one hundred miles west of Portland. To get there, you need to exit the 101 highway leading from Los Angeles itself and go to Pacific City. And Cape Meares is even closer, just 85 miles from Portland. There are 131 highways. But the most reasonable way to drive along the coast along a narrow path. And the views are wonderful, and you can see all the capes at once. Oceanside is a city at the entrance to Cape Meares if you drive from both Kiwanda and Portland, all also on 131 highways.

Cape Kiwanda is accessible throughout the year and is free.

Cape Lookout is available all year long. Parking – $ 5.

Cape Meares is accessible throughout the year and is free. The lighthouse is open to visitors from 11 am to 4 pm seven days a week, in April only from Friday to Sunday.

Washington State Road
This is where our meeting with the state of Oregon ended. But the journey through the United States continues, and it is time to move to our neighbors, to Washington. The two states are separated by a huge bridge over the Columbia River. Amazing change!

We have just wandered around tourist destinations among other travelers admiring the ocean and coast. And as soon as they left the bridge, it turned out that there was nobody on the other side! Literally! We took long minutes, tens of minutes to see an oncoming car or even a small town, and other signs of civilization. It turned out that we entered a wild evergreen state, which even the residents of the United States make legends about.