How to Lay Flagstones

Lay Flagstones

Laying flagstone is a first-rate do-it-yourself project specifically at the same time as you’re laying it on a sand base rather than concrete. Flagstone laid withinside the sand will create a totally natural-looking cottage look in your outdoor space. Here are the steps for laying a sand-based definitely patio with flagstone.

You will need one’s supplies:

  • Flagstone
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Stakes and string
  • 5.Shovel
  • Masonry Sand
  • Steel Edging
  • Broom
  • Line degree or 2×4 with a prolonged Level
  • Compactor or hand tamper
  • Hammer and chisel

How to Lay FlagstonesMark off the area of your patio with stakes and string. Start to dig through the manner of edging out the edge of your marking. Now dig out the whole area of your intended patio to a depth of about 5 inches. This is the depth critical for 3 inches of compacted sand with a 2-inch flagstone laid on top.

When leveling off the sand without a doubt make sure there is a slope a long way from your private home for water drainage. A slope of a minimal 1/2 of an inch for every four feet will work.

When your patio area is dug out deployation metallic edging throughout the perimeter. The metallic place will maintain the sand and stone in place. The edging needs to skip deeper than the 5 inches so it will stay withinside the place.
Fill the area with 3 inches of sand and make sure it is nicely compacted amazingly to maintain the flagstone without shifting. You can use a power compactor or a hand tamper for this.

It’s time to position the flagstone for your base! You need to lay the stones quite close together so there is plenty much less maintenance. In wider regions, the various flagstones will allow the extra growth of weeds and the need to top off the joints with easy sand extra often. You can lessen the stones at the same time as wanted with a chisel and a hammer.

This is sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle except the quantities do now no longer to healthful perfectly together. Place the stones in a pleasing pattern and at the same time as you are done – fill the regions with masonry sand.
Just pour the sand on the patio and sweep it into the cracks. You may additionally moreover do that severa times, permit it to simply accept a few hours then move returned and repeat. Sand will without a doubt settle so you may additionally moreover repeat this method three or four times.

After this step is complete you are finished laying your flagstone patio!
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